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Abstrahistic Perspectives

It's always a challenge to show art. Taking photos isn't easy and a lot of things can go wrong, like light, focus, distance... But what else is new? I like to experiment when it comes to creating images and ways to show them. On canvas I find it easy, because we move our heads towards a painting, tilt, squint and so on. This is what I tried to capture in a series of pictures I took of some of my paintings. I call this series "The Magic of the Swarms - Perspectives" and I pretend that the painting is like a map or a landscape with me flying over it. Full frontal depiction is clearly a must when it comes to professional representation of works of art, but here? As Bob Ross used to say: Let's go a little crazy. This is what I did with this abstrahistic painting of animals, free forms and humans. I like the way light reflects on the right side and how the shapes are lost on the horizon. With a high resolution like that, this is a RAW file you even get to see the brush strokes.

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