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Sorry, Wrong Number!

Less than one month to go and I am really happy about how many of you guys will be joining us in Paris. Can't wait to see all of you very soon. Afraa and I will be staying till sunday evening. I have been preparing this trip for a while now obviously and I read a lot about the Louvre, too.

So, I remembered the Da Vinci Code, where it says that the glass pyramid in the Louvre is a symbol for Mary Magdalene and it has 666 glass panes because of the conspiracy. 666 is the number of the beast! Naturally, I wanted to make 100% sure before I go because of the beast and our exhibition. And I found out that Dan Brown got the number wrong. It isn't 666, but 673 panes, now I wonder whose number that is. Some neighbour of the beast, I suppose ...

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