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Abstrahistic paintings are about colors and shapes. In this one about Harry Potter I gathered characters from the books and films like the Dark Lord, Snape and of course Ron and Harry and placed them next to each other so that their silhouettes overlap. It is like magic! The characters relate to each other and the stories or rather scenes emerge all by themselves. This is what "Abstrahismus" is all about. It is neither abstract nor figurative, it is a fusion. The intersections of the characters form abstract fields while the outlines remain true to their original form. Same thing with the colors. I prefer powerful, clean colors that express the nature of the silhouette like the house-colors of the quidditch-players. The colors clearly derive from the original image yet they represent only themselves. I believe that Harry Potter is basically a father and son story about Harry and Severus which is why I put their silhouettes in the center of the work.

#abstrahistisch #abstrahism #Abstrahismus #Snape #HarryPotter #abstrahistic

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