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That was Fun! Thank you, Artitious!

Art is a language understood by many but spoken by few. As an artist, Albrecht created his own visual language - his own words and grammar for those who don’t have much time to listen. "This," he says, "is a major advantage of the visual arts: perception works really fast and attention is a rare commodity." You can tell Albrecht, who was born 1971, is not just an award-winning artist but also a writer: His studio in the Black Forest is full of books of which he wrote dozens himself, notepads, hard drives and manuscripts. He studied art and humanities, philosophy and history at Heidelberg University and Humboldt University of Berlin but he considers himself mainly self-taught: "I go to the hardware store, make stuff and travel the world." The Magic of the Swarms is a series of series about abstract visualisations - on canvas: "Sometimes I like to interview people before I create a series, for example Nobel Prize winning scientists, and I ask them how they explain complex stuff like Quantum Mechanics to new students. Then I paint their answers, metaphors and thought experiments. I like to think big but to start small."

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