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Travelling Villains

18th of September: My studio is empty now. I got rid of nine badass villains. I put them all in a box and nailed the lid shut. Now they are gone. But not forever! They want to get out again. This is not over, until I see them lined up on a wall in front of hundreds of good people.

Nine large canvases are on their way to LA. Mystique, Loki, Sabretooth and the others… an intense project for the last months. Now they are all gone. My paintings are not my babies. I don’t feel empty without them or miss them. Afraa made photos - that’s enough for me. They are all in my dropbox. However, I am very much looking forward to see them again in a quite different surrounding and with people I never met before who want to see my stuff. This is part of the adventure...

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