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Colorful Shapes

I used to work in different fields before I became an artist, namely in business consulting, marketing and even as a theatre technician. I was a part time teacher for a number of private colleges and a creative for a media agency in Berlin, I even went to law school in Heidelberg for a couple of hours before I decided none of this was truly for me, so I studied arts and philosophy instead. That was good but not great, because I could neither understand nor respect all the petty rules and vanities of academia. The folks there didn't like me much either.

I left all of this behind, when I met my wife Afraa. We moved to the Black Forest and started a new life, a family and the Magic of the Swarms. Together we organised our first art shows in parking lots and garages, we reached out to hundreds of people, drove thousands of miles before things began to change. 

We then moved to shows in shops and offices and business buildings and eventually to international galleries in Miami and Zurich as well as public buildings like the house of parliament in Potsdam. Great people reached out to us and joined the team. Agents, dealers, curators and collectors turned into friends. This network means everything to me.

Thanks to a loving family, great friends, a banker with a lot of patience, great advisors and business partners we feel blessed to support great projects and charities with our art e.g. Evelina London Children's Hospital or Universitätsklinik Mannheim.





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